Replace RSA Archer with NLP

I think it would be wise to use Natural Language Processing in place of RSA Archer to simplify the process of generating and maintaining policies, procedures, and other corporate documents. NLP can be automate how we interpret user input, identifying trends, and responding to data-driven enquiries. Auditors and security teams could reduce the amount of time spent manually coding documents and enhancing the accuracy of security profiles for a business.

If you were to show an NLP solution to an auditor, they would need to confirm that the system meets industry norms and security standards. They would also need to evaluate the system’s processes for data collecting, pre-processing, analysis, and output production, for source code and any additional control mechanisms included.

Just think of how you could use an API layer to help auditors by keeping a secure state in your database. An API layer could give users access to  data and allow them to ask questions, which the system could subsequently respond from the database. Using NLP to define security posture could provide a secure link between the user and the system, ensuring that data is not tampered with or accessed by unauthorized users.

Tools such as Google Bard could be used to enable developers to create and deploy natural language processing apps with ease. As discussed before, Google Bard could connect an API layer to a database and allow users to ask queries and receive responses by utilizing Google Cloud’s natural language understanding capability.  Bard could then process the user input to determine the intent of the query and extract the necessary data from the database to offer an answer, all while doing so in a highly secured and standardized environment.

In the future, I believe we will use Bard to create NIST-compliant plans for cloud offerings and to communicate with users on GCP. We will be able to effectively produce queries and include compliance controls such as logging and audits to ensure that your system meets industry standards base on NIST, HIPPA, PCI, and so on.

As it stands today RSA Archer is a software platform for automating the creation and maintenance of policies, procedures, and other business documents. However, it has sluggish performance and a lack of support for complicated applications. Furthermore, understanding the user interface and data entry criteria may be complex, making it tough to get insights from user input.

To leverage NLP engineers will need to grasp the principles of NLP, machine learning methods, and Python programming to master Bard and other tools. For the infrastructure of tomorrow, it will be  critical to understand the ideas underlying the design and development of intelligent conversational systems, as well as best practices for data security, privacy, and compliance.

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